Video Thread - Social Video Chat App

Video Thread is a social media app built to build better connections among friends, through 15 second video clips, combined into Video Threads. The app was created at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate friends staying in touch.

What is VideoThread?

With VideoThread, users invite their friends to private video chats, which are limited to 15 second clips. Topics can be debated, or friends can simply give brief life updates. If the users wishes, the clips are automatically combined into a single VideoThread, which can then be shared (and go viral) in the VideoThread Discover section, and can also be shared to other social media platforms.

What was westonDEV's role is developing VideoThread?

The entire development process was handled by the westonDEV team. Initial ideas and basic mock-up was provided from the VideoThread team, and from there, westonDEV took over. Over a 10-12 week timeline to beta release, westonDEV kept in constant communication

Video Thread provided the strategy, marketing and branding aspects it envisioned to develop the Reachable app, and leaned on the westonDEV team to execute that plan in a timely manner and on budget.

What Technology does VideoThread Use?

The VideoThread app is built on the Javascript based React Native technology, which allows for both the iOS and Android app versions to be built upon the same code foundation.

The app utilizing video caching and local storage to optimize upload and download loading times. Animations are built in to display , and an intuitive layout mirroring other top apps makes it easy for users to learn the interface and start video chat with their friends.

The app will incorporate social sharing, so combined Video Threads can be shared to other social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in two simple clicks. Set to release public beta in August 2020.

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