Reachable - Mass Text App

Reachable is helping change how social media influencers interact with their fans, through texting and video. The app, available on iOS and Android, is integrated with text messages, web applications to accept payments through Stripe and Zoho CRM.

The app empowers influencers to advertise their own personal phone number at which fans can text them, right through their normal texting application. Once a fan texts in, this gives the influencer the ability to respond back individually, or send mass text updates to all of his or her fans for new content drops or exclusive behind the scenes access, all through the Reachable mobile app.

Who uses Reachable?

Watch the video below to see the types of influencers using Reachable:

What was westonDEV's role is developing Reachable?

The entire design and development process was handled by the westonDEV team. From day 1 app mock-ups and planning, through to final release, two westonDEV Project Managers, alongside junior developers, drove the entire process. First, an iOS release was launched in June 2019, shortly followed by the Android deployment and launch.

Reachable provided the strategy, marketing and branding aspects it envisioned to develop the Reachable app, and leaned on the westonDEV team to execute that plan in a timely manner and on budget.

Both teams continue to work together as additional features and updates are rolled out. The success of the app depends on the close partnership of both teams, communicating frequently via weekly status calls.

What Technology does Reachable Use?

The Reachable app is built on the Javascript based React Native technology, which allows for both the iOS and Android app versions to be built upon the same code foundation.

From a mass texting point of view, the app seamlessly integrates with the largest 3rd party text messaging provider, Twilio. The app enables influencers to send individual or mass text messages to its audience, in a few simple clicks. The app also receives incoming texts from fans, acting like a second phone line, all while maintaing the privacy and security of the influencer.

From a payments standpoint, the westonDEV team also engineered mobile optimized websites, dynamically custom generated for each influencer, to accept payments for premium text message subscriptions that can be sold. To process all payments and earnings deposits, the Reachable app integrates with Stripe, the second largest e-payment process (second to PayPal).

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