OrthoMinds Photos App

The OrthoMinds Photos App, available on iOS and Android, enables dental and orthodontic practice staff and doctors to easily take patient photos and quickly upload them to OrthoMinds. Users are taken through a series of 8 guided photos to track progress, with the ability to crop/edit prior to uploading to the cloud.

Available on iOS and Android:



Who does the OrthoMinds Photos App do?

Guided Pictures

Staff and doctors can be taken through a composite set of 8 pictures to capture progress photos of the patient's teeth.


After taking a picture, the user can crop, rotate and mirror the image before confirming upload to the cloud. Full control is in the user's hands.

Upload to the Cloud

Users can upload all photos taken. Don't have internet? Don't worry! All photos are store on the devices cache and uploaded when the phone has internet access again.

What role did WestonDEV play?

WestonDEV designed the mobile application, providing detailed app mockups developed in PhotoShop prior to commencement of development. In a 5 week development sprint, the mobile app was coded and released to the App Store.

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