EMeRge - Medical Record Platform

EMeRge is a progressive web application that empowers  patients with their own central repository of their medical records and history. The web application securely stores records and ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Who does EMeRge help?


Patients can safely store and access their medical records. Patients can grant access to their physicians' offices to upload records on their behalf.

Health Care Providers (HCPs):

If granted access from the patient, HCPs, including hospitals and physicians' offices, can access and upload patient medical records. No more faxing of X-Rays, EKGs or other medical records.


Insurance companies can be granted access to view a patient's records to facilitate claim reimbursement and compliance with medicare records.

What role did westonDEV play?

westonDEV designed the progressive web application to ensure use of secure web protocols which are HIPAA compliant, a text message verification system and creation of three separate portals for distinct access for patients, health care providers and insurers.

westonDEV performed the initial mockups of the web app in 2017 and worked with the EMeRge medical teams' programmer to develop the app. westonDEV focused on designing the user experience from all three perspectives, ensuring ease of use for all.

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