Complete Zoho CRM + Proposal Solution - WeCrushEvents

The WestonDEV team transformed the lead generation/nurturing, project workflow, account management, proposal generation for WeCrushEvents ("WCE"). WeCrushEvents is an event Company based in California that coordinates and services physical and virtual events. For example, they host online Christmas parties, team-bonding, and other events such as virtual wine tastings, etc.

Here are brief snippets and mock screenshots of some of the critical functions we built for WCE. We took their previously manually and Google Sheet driven processes, and migrated all their history of data into Zoho CRM.

1) Automated lead integration - The WestonDEV team leveraged its coding background to embed dynamically generating Zoho Forms onto WeCrushEvents' website. Leads are prompted with critical questions, which flow directly from the website form into Zoho CRM. Leads are assigned to specific sales personnel based on information completed by the Lead.

2) Lead Nurturing - We customized the lead nurturing and stage process for WCE, creating stages and a workflow for monitoring new leads, and turning those leads into customers.

3) Deal Tracking and Monitoring - A custom deal process ("Pipeline") was created for WCE, allow their team to update the stage of deals throughout their lifecycle. We asked critical, business driven questions as to how to best setup their best process flow for tracking and reporting purposes.

As a business practice, we do call ourselves coders, we instead are business consultants that know how to code. As such, we made suggestions and proposed suggestions based on our experience, with ultimately WCE choosing what best fits for their business.

4) Automated Proposals - With a one touch click from within Zoho CRM, we integrated with the proposal software PandaDoc to automatically generate proposals from a pre-made template, that auto-populates key information. Proposal status is automatically tracked within Zoho (See right desktop on the screenshot below).

5) Reporting, Analytics and Forecasting - We created and trained the WCE team to create their own reports, analytic dashboards and forecasting goals. A large stack of various Google Sheets are now maintained within Zoho, provided eye-catching visuals of the Company's KPI, Endless hours of previously wasted time are now available.

6) Training! We provided training to the WCE sales team, and ongoing support to further customize their CRM to meet the needs and unique workflow. Training presentation materials were custom tailored to WCE and the session was created for future team needs.

The WestonDEV team continues to support WCE to meet the needs of their company as they grow and evolve their processes.

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