Central Communication Hub in Zoho CRM - First Response CPR

WestonDEV worked with First Response CPR to utilize Zoho CRM as a central lead tracking and communication hub. The Zoho integration removed the previous use of 5+ systems, all with different information, notification types, etc., all into Zoho CRM. First Response CPR offers CPR and First Aid classes to various businesses and individuals throughout the U.S, both online and in-person.

First Response CPR deals with a unique challenge of communicating with 3 different groups: course instructors (employees), course sponsors, and course students. Prior to Zoho CPR implementation, the Company was inefficiently communicating across various channels without a central hub.

Here are some of the key communication aspects we centralized within Zoho:

1) Intelligent Email Inbox through Zoho SalesInbox - WestonDEV worked with the Company to create a custom filtered inbox to better organize the Company's emails. Incoming emails are compared against the data in Zoho CRM, and placed into . New incoming inquiries can be easily converted to Zoho CRM Leads in a simple click.

2) Centrally Managed Social Media through Zoho Social - The Company's various social channels are centrally managed within . When the Company receives incoming messages through Facebook or Twitter, those messages automatically populate in Zoho CRM and can be easily converted into a Lead in the CRM.

3) Website Chat through Zoho SalesIQ - WestonDEV installed Zoho SalesIQ, an intelligent chat widget designed to engage website visitors and collect data, onto FR CPR's website. The chat widget seemlessly integrates the Company's site with Zoho CRM, creating new leads and keeping a notification history of incoming chat inquiries.

4) Integrated Phone Calling and Texting - WestonDEV integrated the Company's existing phone/texting system (RingCentral) within the Zoho CRM environment. Incoming phone calls notify the user immediately and included important contextually information about the caller. Log call notes or other information easily at the end of the call.

WestonDEV provided onboarding and training the First Response CPR and continues to implement improvements and modifications to suit the Company's communication needs.

Questions? Email us at info@westondev.co